Since January 2014, over 200 people from all walks have contributed to the Breathing Games commons. Hereafter are listed our core active contributors. Co-founders are marked with an asterisk. Go to the contributions plateform for more details.

Coordination Fabio Balli *
Technology Edmund Birkin
Game Development
Povilas Jurgaitis
Bernard Dugas
IT Systems Architecture
Jim Anastassiou
Distributed Data Management
Nicolas Wenk
Game Development
Arts & Storytelling John Danger *
Visual Arts
Yannick Gervais *
Game Design
Maria Frangos
User Experience
Leora Simon
Patient Experience
Lai-Tze Fan
Digital Narration
Sylvie Gendreau
Creative Arts
Support Valentin Gomez
Public Health Strategy
Aurelia Roman
Participatory research
Philip Koenig
Intergovernmental Strategy
Tiberius Brastaviceanu
Peer Production Strategy
Clément Drévo
Charly Pache
Key medical partners Alena Valderrama
Sainte-Justine Hospital, Canada
Sze Man Tse
Sainte-Justine Hospital, Canada
François Vermeulen
HUG, Switzerland
Isabelle Sermet
Necker Hospital, France
Maya Kirszenbaum
Necker Hospital, France
Pierre-Régis Burgel
Cochin Hospital, France
Contributions per person and field Total contributions
Contributions in the last two months