Breathing Games promotes respiratory health and autonomy by encouraging the appropriation of care by each citizen. We create a common – collectively managed resources that are freely accessible and can be used and enriched by everyone – by spurring collaboration between all interested stakeholders to build on collective intelligence.

Breathing Games is a global initiative hosted by the nonprofit Canadian Academy for the Knowledge Economy (1169850923) and the Swiss Fondation praneo (CH-550.1.159.671-2). Breathing Games is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact and a member of the Open Source Initiative.

Participatory activities

To foster collaboration beyond organizations and countries, we organize gamejams where patients, health professionals, designers, programmers, visual artists, musicians and other passionate people build on their collective intelligence to create educational and therapeutic games and devices.

Read the synthesis of our gamejam on asthma and watch the video of our gamejam on cystic fibrosis. In the next months, we plan to organize other gamejams in Canada, Switzerland, France and Peru.

Scientific research

A prestudy was realized at Sainte-Justine university hospital (Canada). Research protocols are being prepared there and at the University of applied sciences Arc Health (Switzerland).

Scientific communications were presented at different events including the International Symposium on Open Collaboration and the European Cystic Fibrosis Conference.