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Jim Anastassiou

Passionate about peer to peer technologies like the blockchain, Jim is a leading expert in developing tools for social change. Aside from participating in electronics and software development, he is a core contributor to Sensorica’s open innovation infrastructure, architecting the way to turn Breathing Games into an autonomous health service. Jim is a self taught individual who has an immense capacity for learning, sharing and creating.

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Fabio Balli

After working for ten years with multinationals and networks that are at the forefront of social change, Fabio co-founded Breathing Games. Passionate about the capacities of teams to self-organize and about inner transformation, he has been exploring practices that favour collective wisdom. He holds an Executive Masters in Human Systems and does doctoral research on Health Commons at Concordia University.

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Tiberius Brastaviceanu

Tiberius is a co-founder of Sensorica, a pilot project in peer to peer economy, he has been invited to present at the White House, Impact Economy Summit, OuiShare Paris, TEDx Montréal and a number of academic forums. Tiberius is the main architect of the Open Value Network model (OVN) and founder of the Multitude Project. He has a background in physics and nuclear medicine, and built a solid reputation in the realm of commons-based peer production, open innovation and collaborative governance.

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John Danger

John is a cross-field designer and co-founder of Breathing Games. After working in product design, he developed Blowy, an organic kind of controller and a game demo using the breath for children who suffer asthma. He gained expertise in graphic and interface design and, in 2015, he created Caoutchouc, an illustrated magazine which freely addresses alternative and scientific topics like how dogs’ noses or water towers work.

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Clément Drévo

Clement is a project and event manager passionate with innovation and new technologies. His interest is to follow how these evolution impact society. Clement is a jack of all trades with a background in IT network security and environmental activism.

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Valentin Gomez

Doctor of Dental Surgery, Valentin worked for over 20 years in public health. What brought him to work on this project are its deeply human values. Dr Gomez brings creative thinking, a strategic mindset and systems analysis skills. What turns him on: the creation of a network where each participant is rewarded – from the patient to the researcher.

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