Editorial line

Domain names www.breathinggames.net
Goals of the website To present the Breathing Games health common and its resources.
To provide free/libre and open source games an devices to promote respiratory health and prevent chronic respiratory diseases.
To build a multidisciplinary community of people interested in respiratory health.
Target public People with chronic respiratory diseases, their relatives, health professionals, interested people. All countries.
Editor Manager Fabio Balli, doctoral student on health commons, Master of Advanced Studies HES-SO in Human Systems Engineering
Organization Breathing Games is a global initiative hosted by the nonprofit Canadian Academy for the Knowledge Economy (1169850923) and the Swiss Fondation praneo (CH-550.1.159.671-2).

Quality of information

The information provided is available to improve and not replace the direct relationship between people with chronic respiratory diseases and health professionals. By default, all users of the platform should not be considered as health professionals.

Health related information comes from the patients and health professionals involved and from research. All health professionals who contributed to over 24 hours to the creation of the content displayed on the website have to fill a declaration of conflicting interests. The result of this document will be available on this page in October 2016.

A collection of over 100 scientific publications is accessible on our Zotero bibliography.

Access to information and moderation

Creating an account is free and open to everyone. Visitors and account holders (users) should behave at all times with respect and honesty.

Users can post links, publications and games via the specific menu. Upon submission, the author's name, the date and time of publication are automatically saved. A user can ask the editorial manager to have their messages deleted. Possible unwanted content must be reported via the contact page. The contents may be moderated by the editorial manager, who can suppress immediately inappropriate content. The author of removed contents will be informed by email of the withdrawal reasons maximum 24 hours after removal.

Confidentiality and reuse of data

breathinggames.net does not sell data to third party organizations.

The data collected when creating an account, when submitting forms and when exchanging via e-mails is only used by the team members who need it. If data is transmitted to medical partners, for example for scientific research, an explicit notice will appears on the relevant page.

Some details you enter are transmitted to the following organizations for the purposes listed below.

  • Google Analytics : website statistics and ranking on search engines
    Transmitted data : technical data including data about the browser, anonymized information
  • Mollom : verification that the user is not a robot , especially by account creation
    Transmitted data : username , name, IP address, email, url of the page

This site is made with Drupal. It is hosted on Swiss soil, because of the quality of the law on data protection. It addresses people of all countries and of all ages. The site uses a cookie to manage session.

Partners and financing

Go to the value accounting system for a list of contributors (time, material, money) and for the financial incomes and redistributions. Supporting organizations are listed in a document.

The website neither does offer advertising service nor product placement. Websites with commercial goals – including those supported by the pharmaceutical industry – are specifically named as such in the list of links.